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Do you agree with Thrive's star rating? Check out what 19 people have written so far, and share your own experience. The Vitamin Shoppe, a renowned Omni-channel retailer of nutritional products, plans to release new products under its plnt and Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe brands soon. These CBD hemp products are formulated to match the growing need for premium CBD products in capsule and tincture formulas. The company employs the latest most effective techniques alongside its The specialty retailer has debuted two lines of private label CBD products under its Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe and plnt brands.

Thrive Reviews

I keep going back to Thrive, great flavour and easy to absorb keeps me in the moment. Love this product.

Reply from Thrive

Hi Emma, thanks for the feedback. We are happy that you are enjoying Thrive. It’s always nice to hear that our CBD is pavign the way to someone’s better mood and health. Keep safe!

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Tastes delicious and works!

After just a week of taking my Thrive I’m sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning feeling like I’ve had the best sleep which I’ve been without for a long time. Also tastes delicious. Think terry’s chocolate Orange. Will be ordering more!!

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Thank you for taking time to provide us your feedback. We are glad you are happy. Looking forward to providing you better CBD products.


I’ve just finished my first bottle and can’t imagine life without Thrive. I feel more at ease, I’m sleeping better and it’s helped with my period pains. Plus the taste of the chocolate orange is just .

Reply from Thrive

Wow! That is good news. We are happy to be part of your journey to better sleep.

Helped with insomnia after finding the dosage

Have struggled with insomnia my whole life and never found anything that helped me sleep long-term. Once I found my right dosage of Thrive it really helped! I can sleep again. 🙂

Reply from Thrive

Hi Alexa. Glad Thrive is working for you. Consistency is the key, welcome to Thrive community once again.

I am someone who suffers with stress…

I am someone who suffers with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. So I swear by this product and when I say it has changed my life it actually has. It has made me feel much calmer and has helped me sleep better.

Reply from Thrive

That is simply awesome to know. Glad Thrive is helping you relax and sleep better.

A life saver for helping me sleep!

Had so many sleepless nights and tried all kinds of remedies but nothing worked until I tried Thrive! Would not be able to live without it! Being able to get a good nights rest has allowed me to be so much more positive especially in the current climate. Would recommend to all struggling with sleep.

Reply from Thrive

Thank you for the recommendation and sharing Thrive to the world. We are happy to help.

Bought this for my Mom who suffers from…

Bought this for my Mom who suffers from sleeplessness. She really found it effective so I’ve now purchased the higher strength 1000mg. She now swears by it. Great fast service too.

Reply from Thrive

That was really sweet, Pavan. Thank you for sharing Thrive CBD to your mom. We are sure happy to know that she is loving it.

100% recommend

I absolutely love the oil ! 100% recommend x

Reply from Thrive

Simply awesome! Thanks for the recommendation Grace.

I’m so happy I found thrive

I’m so happy I found thrive! I’ve now been taking thrive for over a month and I haven’t ever felt so good. It’s really helped with my daily work stresses and helps me sleep like baby, meaning I feel more energised and balanced. I couldn’t recommend thrive enough, it’s a must have product for your overall wellness and is my everyday product that I can’t live without.

Reply from Thrive

Thank you for the nice words and the recommendation. We are happy to know you our loving Thrive CBD.

The BEST CBD Oil I have tried

Hands down, this is one of the best CBD oils! I suffer from a lot of stress due to my job and taking this for the past month has helped me to manage a lot anxiety I have been feeling. It also tastes amazing, which is always a plus! I’ve also noticed my sleeping has massively improved since taking the oil. If you’re debating on trying this, just know you need it!

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Reply from Thrive

Thanks Mandeep. All it takes is really to try and see the difference for yourself. Thank you for trying and for recommending Thrive.

Love Thrive

Love Thrive, it’s been such a game changer for my anxiety! The Blood Orange tastes too good. 10/10

Reply from Thrive

Wow! Glad you love the blood orange flavour. Hope you can also try the peppermint flavour. We will not fail you. Keep using Thrive.

I Thrive on Thrive !

I Thrive on Thrive !! Helps me immensely with my anxiety. Absolutely recommended.

Reply from Thrive

Thanks for the recommendation. We are happy to have you join the Thrive CBD community.

Top product for Stress Insomnia Period Cramps

Love Thrives CBD I use it for many things work stress, my period cramps and insomnia. I used to use many herbal products for all my concerns but now I only need to use the oil and it helps with all the above. Great product

Reply from Thrive

We are happy to be part of your wellness. Thank you for joining the Thrive community.

Calmed my Inner Turmoil

I used CBD oil as am a very anxious person, have been suffering with it for years to the extent of getting panic attacks when faced with change in environment. I have used this upon a trusted friends advice and am so glad I did as I feel my inner turmoil calm down upon use.
I have even recently been successful in my interview. I use it regularly now as it helps me be me and inadvertently having been performing well. Cant rate it enough

Reply from Thrive

Wow! Good luck to your career. Glad that Thrive is part of your journey.

Brought this for my wife because she…

Brought this for my wife because she suffers from lack of proper sleep. Has really worked wonders! She says she has deep sleep and feels like she has had a full nights rest. Great Product.

Reply from Thrive

Updated Jan 23, 2021

Good to hear that Thrive helped your wife. We are happy that she is enjoying Thrive CBD.

Such a fan of these CBD oils

Such a fan of these CBD oils! They have improved my overall anxiety and stress, making me feel so much more calm. I am also sleeping like a baby at the moment and that’s all thanks to Thrive! Would 100% recommend.

Reply from Thrive

Thank you for the recommendation. We are happy to help in your sleep and overall wellness. Welcome to Thrive community.

I’ve always been so hesitant with CBD…

I’ve always been so hesitant with CBD products, but Thrive exceeded all my expectations! I’ve tried the peppermint flavour which I love!! No strange aftertaste at all. It helped so much me get through my working days, WFH for so long as been a struggle so Thrive is always on my desk, they have clear instructions on how to use it which is great and it helped my period pain!! If you thinking about this product, don’t think just buy you won’t be sorry

Reply from Thrive

Thanks for the nice words! We are very happy to know that you love Thrive CBD. Try our other flavours. You’ll surely love both flavours, peppermint and blood orange.

The Vitamin Shoppe Adds CBD Hemp Products to plnt and Vthrive Brands

The Vitamin Shoppe, a renowned Omni-channel retailer of nutritional products, plans to release new products under its plnt and Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe brands soon.

These CBD hemp products are formulated to match the growing need for premium CBD products in capsule and tincture formulas. The company employs the latest most effective techniques alongside its many years of experience, creating high-end and superior products.

While introducing the two private CBD brands, Sharon Leite, The Vitamin Shoppe’s CEO, said the formulations are a great headway towards its commitment to superior innovation. Working with exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled scientific, development, and regulatory teams, the company commits to providing first-class active lifestyle products. Using the finest CBD extraction methods combined with comprehensive testing, The Vitamin Shoppe creates unique and quality products with pure and effective ingredients. These new products will accentuate Vitamin Shoppe’s reputation and recognition as a company that uses the latest technologies and organic ingredients to develop the best wellness and health solutions.

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With the new releases, Vthrive and plnt get into the top CBD HQ brands, known for employing exclusive merchandise concepts. CBD HQ creates ingestible CBD formulations in topicals, capsules, beauty formulas, liquid tinctures, beverages, and gummies. The CBD HQ products are offered in the Vitamin Shoppe’s 582 locations, while its CBD beauty offerings and topicals are offered in 143 other locations.

The unique formulation of the Vthrive and plnt brands by The Vitamin Shoppe offers clients easily understandable classification systems classified in three strength tiers. The products come at prices ranging from $24.99 and $66.99, depending on the therapeutic ingredients and the CBD content added.

Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe Brand

The Vthrive brand by The Vitamin Shoppe provides an extensive range of broad-spectrum CBD hemp-derived products, containing several cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes. All these products contain low THC content of less than 0.05%. Each of the Vthrive Brand products is manufactured using U.S farm-grown hemp, which has been rigorously refined using Isopropyl IPA or Alcohol, removing the THC content.

All the Vthrive Brand products are made of unique and safe ingredients free of titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, flavors, stearic acid, colors, and sweeteners.

The brand also offers standalone CBD oil liquid veggie capsules and tinctures alongside uniquely-formulated blends suited for every client’s wellness goals. With these products, you’re getting three potency tiers, including 55mg, 15mg, and 35mg, available in unflavored, peppermint, and chocolate mints, all of which feature BioPerine technology to ensure superior nutrient absorption. Its CBD capsules on offer include:

  • Vthrive CBD+ Stress Blend: The blend contains Ashwagandha, Zembrin, and Sensoril, carefully blended to enhance mood, energy levels, reduce stress, and improve focus.
  • Vthrive CBD+ Sleep Blend: It contains GABA, melatonin, and Venetron, and it’s effective enough to enhance sleep quality and relaxation.
  • Vthrive CBD+ Inflammation Blend: This package contains ApresFlex and CurcuWIN, and it’s perfect for enhancing mobility and flexibility, improving recovery after exercise, and supporting joints.

Plnt CBD

As for the Plnt CBD brand, you’re also getting several full-spectrum CBD hemp-extracted products containing a great range of fatty acids, cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and bioflavonoids. The THC content in plnt brand products is less than 0.3%, with no traces of sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors.

These CBD products are created from a Vermont-based family-farm grown hemp that’s carefully extracted by hand to maintain the purity and quality of the cannabis plant. The CBD is uniquely manufactured using a solvent-free extraction process, which involves using plant-based oils and water.

The plnt brand categories also contain an extensive range of unflavored and vanilla flavored standalone CBD tinctures, with CBD potencies of 40mg, 10mg, and 20 mg per serving. Its vegetarian liquid capsules are offered CBD potencies of 35mg, 10mg, and 20mg per serving. The products in the offer include:

  • Plnt organic turmeric which packs superior antioxidants good for joint, cardiovascular support
  • Plnt organic valerian and California poppy for relaxation and sleep support
  • Plnt organic black seed oil essential for immune and cellular support
  • Plnt organic ashwagandha ideal for vitality, energy support, and stress management.

The Vitamin Shoppe offers newer hemp oil products containing phytocannabinoids perfect for states where CBD is prohibited.

About the Vitamin Shoppe

As a junior company of Franchise Group Inc, Vitamin Shoppe is a widely reputed omnichannel specialized wellness lifestyle company that commits to providing top-notch wellness-related guidance, services, and products. The Vitamin Shoppe is known wide-wide for offering an impressive range of premium nutritional solutions, including but not limited to sports nutrition, minerals, vitamins, herbs, supplements, natural beauty aids, homeopathic remedies, and green living products. The company carries over 700 national brands, with its best-performing brands being BodyTech Elite, Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe, Fitfactor Keto, Vitamin Shoppe, Fitfactor Weight Management system, True Athletes, and Probiocare. The company operates in over 720 company-operated retail stores and provides upper supplement banners.

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Cheryl Anne hails from Great Britain and casts a large shadow with her master’s degree in Relationship Therapy as well as a number of other professional accreditations. While she specializes in psychological thrillers and self-help books, her undeniable and uncanny knack for sifting through the cracks of the cannabis and CBD space are extremely necessary and sought after.

The Vitamin Shoppe rolls out 2 CBD house brands

The Vitamin Shoppe is tossing its hat into the CBD ring. The specialty retailer has debuted two lines of private label CBD products under its Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe and plnt brands.

The Vitamin Shoppe, based in Secaucus, N.J., said the products were developed to meet growing demand for accessible, quality CBD from trusted sources. The products include tinctures and capsule formulas, available exclusively at The Vitamin Shoppe and Super Supplement stores, as well as the retailer’s website.

“Bringing these new CBD products to market is a decisive milestone in the expansion of our private brands business and The Vitamin Shoppe’s commitment to industry-leading innovation,” said Sharon Leite, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe. “The exceptional skill and knowledge of our product development and scientific and regulatory teams delivered a range of CBD formulas that are second to none in this dynamic product category. Our ingredient purity, unique CBD extraction methods, and rigorous testing guarantees the highest level of quality from farm to lab to shelf. This launch further establishes The Vitamin Shoppe as the trusted national destination for CBD innovation and as a leader in health-and-wellness solutions.”

The private-label products will be sold alongside more than 20 other brands in The Vitamin Shoppe’s recently launched CBD HQ section, which offers an assortment of CBD formulations — from tinctures and capsules to gummies and beverages, as well as beauty products and topical CBD. CBD HQ has rolled out to 582 Vitamin Shoppe and Super Supplement stores, with another 143 offering a CBD selection of topical and beauty products.

The plnt and Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe CBD lines offer three tiers of potency and blends that are focused on offering need-state solutions. The products range in price from $24.99 to $69.99 depending on potency and added therapeutic ingredients.

The Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe line is meant to offer a premium selection of broad-spectrum CBD products using clean ingredients. The line includes stand-alone CBD oil in tinctures and veggie capsules, as well as blends meant to help users meet specific wellness goals. Tinctures are available in peppermint, chocolate mint and unflavored varieties and in potencies of 15 mg, 35 mg and 55 mg per serving. The capsules offer the same three levels of potency. As for the solution-focused blends, each contains 35 mg of CBD per serving in liquid capsules. The blends include:

  • Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe CBD + Sleep blend, with melatonin, Venetron and GABA to support relaxation, sleep quality and antioxidant support;
  • Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe CBD + Stress blend with Zembrin, Sensoril and ashwagandha to manage stress and support focus, energy and mood; and
  • Vthrive The Vitamin Shoppe CBD + Inflammation blend, with CurcuWin and ApresFlex to support joints, flexibility and mobility, as well as exercise recovery.

The plnt brand also contains full-spectrum CBD extract, and products are free of synthetic ingredients and preservatives, as well as artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Plnt tinctures are sold in potencies of 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg of CBD per serving in vanilla and unflavored varieties. The plnt vegetarian liquid capsules offer 10 mg, 20 mg and 35 mg of CBD per serving. Condition-specific formulas include:

  • plnt CBD + Organic Turmeric for cardiovascular, antioxidant, and joint support;
  • plnt CBD + Organic Valerian and California Poppy for sleep and relaxation support;
  • plnt CBD + Organic Ashwagandha for stress management, energy, and vitality support; and
  • plnt CBD + Organic Black Seed Oil for cellular and immune support.

All are available as tinctures and capsules except the black seed oil blend.

The Vitamin Shoppe said that in states where CBD prohibited by state or local regulations, it would introduce a line of eight hemp oil products with phytocannabinoids that will have similar formulas and potencies to the plnt CBD line.