Releaf CBD Oil

ReleafCBD™ offers high-quality, industry leading CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN Products that are 100% THC Free. Natural Releaf CBD is New York's BEST CBD source for High Quality Lab Tested CBD Products. Natural Releaf CBD stands as a channel to provide CBD awareness, education, and products needed to improve one's health, life, and performance. We are a small business that’s built by cannabis enthusiast that are passion driven. Papa & Barkley offers a highly purified cbd releaf body oil, perfect for use during massage to soothe aching muscles and promote healthy skin. Order now!


Releaf’s ANX anxiety oil blend contains specific ratios of minor cannabinoids including CBC, CBN and CBG along with a therapeutic terpene blend to help balance stress and those anxious moments. It’s then topped off with Pear-ple Gelato Enhanced Flavor.

Perfect for:

▪︎ Managing life’s stressors.

▪︎ Getting through endless to-do-lists.

▪︎ Keeping calm in stressful situations.

Product Spotlight

Get To SLeep WIth Medright

MedRight’s non-habit forming SLEEP formula uses the right blend of cannabinoids, including CBG & CBDV, plus other all-natural ingredients to get you ready for bed without all the junk.

Perfect for:

▪︎ Those who have trouble falling asleep.

▪︎ Getting back to sleep after waking up.

▪︎ Stress-induced insomnia

Balance Stress Restore Sleep

As an epilepsy sufferer for over half of my life relying on medications, I found myself being able to stop episodes from turning into gran mals instantly. This is a life saver. A game changer.


I find that this supplement helps me to feel more energized and helps with the morning fog that I used to have. I use 2 every other day.

BRAIN PILLS CBD+CBG (MEMORY & FOCUS) | Stacey S. – Verified Buyer ⚑

Only vape battery for me! I love that I can take it on the road or hit it through my rigs! Battery lasts soooo long!!

VAPOR SLIDE PLUS VAPORIZER | StoneySpike – Verified Buyer ⚑

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ANX ANXIETY BLEND VAPE PEN | Kaylee B. – Verified Buyer ⚑


This product really works! Much, much better than prescription drugs the doctors want to prescribe and it is non addictive. Thanks Releaf.


The constant uncomfortable buzz of anxious energy in me that doesn’t allow me to feel at peace diminishes after taking this CBD. It a very good feeling, and helps clear my head and enhance my mood. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects. This really works for me. Thanks!


As an epilepsy sufferer for over half of my life relying on medications, I found myself being able to stop episodes from turning into gran mals instantly. This is a life saver. A game changer.


It got here very quickly and I’ve had good results with it. I have RA and it’s decreased my inflammation.

TRUENANO™ CBD WATER | Abi L. – Verified Buyer ⚑

CBD DAB ROCKS – ASSORTED FLAVORS | Jacob R. – Verified Buyer ⚑

Nice hash! Taste great and and is super smooth I mix this with some of the cbd kief they have as well and it’s winderful out of one hitter! Would highly recommend.

CBD HASHAYSH – THC FREE | Justin W. – Verified Buyer ⚑

Works wonders. I have had planter fasciitis for quite awhile. It has been so painful that it was was debilitating. After just two days my heel began to feel better. After barely being able to walk to walking with much less pain. THANK YOU!

CBD DAY CREAM BY LIVALI | Kris A. – Verified Buyer ⚑

This night cream is very moisturizing and soothing to my sensitive skin. It calms redness and plumps up and hydrates my face and neck overnight. My skin is radiant and glowing. I love this face cream!

CBD NIGHT CREAM BY LIVALI | Rebecca L. – Verified Buyer ⚑

Great Value. I have tried many pod systems and the Ethos, by far, is the made with the highest quality materials money can buy!

ETHOS POD VAPORIZER | Jacob R – Verified Buyer ⚑

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Releaf CBD Oil

Natural Releaf CBD is New York’s most reputable source for high quality CBD products. We have multiple CBD stores near you located in New York City, NY and Westchester, NY. Natural Releaf stands as a channel to provide CBD awareness, products, and information needed to improve the wellbeing of people regardless of their background, location, and challenges. We are a small business that’s built by Cannabis enthusiasts and CBD experts that are passion driven. Natural Releaf recognizes the benefits of the cannabis plant and are working towards changing the stigma that’s attached to the industry by educating newcomers to the natural properties of CBD Oil. T ake advantage of our well curated CBD products matched for your needs by ordering CBD online from the convenience of your home, office, or mobile phone within a few clicks.

CBD Releaf Body Oil

We don’t like products that use chemicals to break apart the plant and re-engineer it. Our process is solventless – completely chemical-free – and no harmful ingredients ever touch our products.

Effective Products

Our proprietary Whole Plant Full Spectrum TM infusion process is fancy way of saying that we let the plant do the work. With just a little heat and pressure we infuse the beneficial elements of the plant into your product.

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Artisanal Methods

Our premium Hemp is sun-grown by USA farmers that use regenerative practices and organic principles. They hand-plant, hand-harvest, and slow-cure their cannabis without machinery.

We’re committed to using solventless processes, which means we never use harsh solvents or chemicals to produce our full spectrum products. Our products are clean, safe and effective.

We’ve partnered with Nutrasource to achieve the IGEN Non-GMO certification. Nutrasource tests each of our products to certify that our products contain no GMO content.

All topical products are Leaping Bunny certified. Ingredients used are animal-friendly, cruelty-free, and comply with the international standards set by the CCIC.