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Toronto Cannabis Authority has the highest quality CBD flower, vapes, extracts, edibles, topicals and accessories. Stop by or buy online to pickup in-store THC (Toronto Hemp Company) www.torontohemp.com – Head / Smoke / Vape / Grow Shop Hemp Store. Garden Supply, Glass Gallery! Vaporizers Bongs Vape Central Vapour Lounge Cannabis Smoking Vaporizing Medical Marijuana Growing Marihuana Canada CBD Oil Toronto Since Cannabis legalization, CBD oils and other products have become very popular, not just in Canada but all over the world. The substance is known for its effectiveness in


In a city as diverse as Toronto, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose sight of what’s truly special about this city.

We think that Toronto and cannabis go hand in hand so we wanted to combine the two and create Toronto Cannabis Authority, not just another cannabis store in Toronto, but an homage to the city. We opened our flagship store at the beginning of 2021 in the heart of Toronto, near the intersection of Queen Street and University. Come visit us today at 229 Queen St W!

For years, the Toronto Cannabis community has been an enormous part of the city and it’s been a community where members can come together and enjoy the many different aspects of cannabis.

We’ve taken it to the next level with a shopping experience that we believe is second to none in Toronto.

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Founded in 1994, Toronto Hemp Company (THC) is one of the very few remaining ‘originals’ of the Legalization movement’s retail activism effort – Visit our ‘brick-and-mortar’ store, a huge 3-floor Cannabis Culture Superstore in the heart of Toronto or shop here – either way we got you!

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CBD Oil Toronto

Since Cannabis legalization, CBD oils and other products have become very popular, not just in Canada but all over the world. The substance is known for its effectiveness in managing symptoms of disorders and diseases such as depression and chronic pain. With popularity & availability, CBD is now being produced by multiple companies in, and around Canada.

The wide variety of choices, types of CBD oils, and more will have any beginner crouching in fear. However, when it comes specifically to the best CBD oil in Canada, you’ll find that picking the right one seems like a daunting task. To help you find the best one for your requirements, we have a comprehensive list of the top 5 CBD Oils in Canada for you.

Our Top Picks Of CBD Oil Canada

Out of all the CBD oils available in Canada, we have selected the best five. Based on the above criteria, you’ll find that these brands provide effective and reliable CBD oil along with other CBD products.

#1. CBDNorth: Overall Best CBD Oil, Editor’s Pick

  • THC-free options
  • Clean and Organic
  • First CBD Assistance Program in Canada
  • Affordable Prices
  • Full-spectrum CBD Oil

CBDNorth is one of Canada’s most trusted sources for CBD. Their CBD is proven to be all-natural, organic, and highly effective. Customers have raved over the potency and effectiveness of their CBD products.

Their full-spectrum CBD oil, in particular, is one of the best on the market. When combined with MCT oil that is clean and organic, their Canadian grown hemp extract proves to be a potent blend. You’ll find CBG, THC, CBDV, and several other cannabinoids in the blend that make full use of the entourage effect. Through the entourage effect, the effectiveness of the oil is enhanced, making it an ideal way to deal with pain, insomnia, discomfort, stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

Apart from the full-spectrum oil, the CBDNorth CBD isolate oils are incredible for those who require a CBD oil with no THC. There is a 99% CBD level in their hemp extracts, leaving no detectable traces of THC anywhere. You won’t feel even a hint of the psychoactive effects of THC and still reap the benefits of improved sleep and reduced pain. If you’re looking for resources as a beginner, then CBDNorth has a CBD education system on its website. You can take a look at the dosage guide, recommendations, advice, and more if you’re curious about other products. The variety of CBD products they offer make it impossible to choose just one, so the guide will definitely help you pick the perfect product for you. Every product is vouched for through easily accessible third-party lab results. It holds on to its reputation as one of the most honest and transparent CBD brands out there.

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  • Listed as #1 for Best CBD Oil in Canada by Fingerlakes
  • Full-Spectrum CBD is potent and effective for a multitude of problems
  • Their isolate oils have no detectable traces of THC
  • Different potencies, dosage sizes, and bottles for your convenience
  • Customer service is quick, responsive, and helpful
  • Free shipping available on all orders above $99
  • Secure payment options
  • No subscription program available; you’ll have to reorder the product each time you run out
  • Available in multiple dosage options that range from 500mg to 2000mg. There are different dropper sizes to suit your particular needs.
  • Full-spectrum oils have a range of multiple secondary cannabinoids. The entourage effect ensures that they work together to enhance all effects.
  • There is no artificial flavouring in the oils. It is pure, clean, and organic MCT oil. Despite this, the flavour is not bitter or distasteful.
  • If you are in need of financial assistance, then CBDNorth is the first and only CBD company to offer it to you. Once you clear the requirements, you’ll get 45% off on all your orders.

2. CBD Magic – Prime Quality CBD Products

CBD Magic is a well-khttps://cbdmagic.ca/cbd/387nown CBD brand in Canada. The company specializes in full-spectrum CBD oils and water-soluble CBD. The company is well-known for providing one of the most affordable full-spectrum CBD oils on the market. While it has full-spectrum products like CBDNorth but you won’t find the same level of entourage effect at play in the full-spectrum CBD oils.

This is due to there being detectable levels of CBN, THCV, or CBG in their products – usage will also offer a completely different experience when compared to the one felt after using CBDNorth products. And at the end of the day, one does not simply do CBD for a muted effect. However, these oils are still great for those who require affordable and reliable help with sleep issues, pain, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Depending on what you require the CBD oil for, the website shows you the products that you can use. This can help you pick a full-spectrum oil a lot faster.

  • Full-spectrum oils are useful to reduce pain and offer relief from anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms
  • There is a subscription program available
  • You’ll find a dosage guide and other recommendations if you require
  • Multiple potency options are available
  • A variety of CBD products, apart from full-spectrum CBD oils, available for your requirements
  • Won’t find the entourage effect in their full-spectrum CBD oils
  • No financial assistance available
  • Only one dropper size provided
  • Customer service representatives are not available on Saturdays and Sundays
  • The subscription program at CBD Magic makes the process of ordering a lot easier. You don’t have to waste time reordering products each time you run out.
  • There is free shipping for all orders, regardless of size.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the product, there is the option of a 30-day refund. You’ll get a full refund if you want to return the product.

3. Plant Of Life – Top CBD Brand On The Market

  • THC free options
  • Full-spectrum
  • Skincare range available
  • Multiple payment options
  • MCT oil and Hemp seed oil

Plant Of Life is yet another Canadian CBD brand that’s based out of Toronto. The company offers a variety of CBD products apart from their full-spectrum oils, including capsules, gummies, pet treats, and more. You’ll find all their products on their website.

When it comes to their full-spectrum CBD oils, you’ll find that they’re not as potent as CBDNorth’s full-spectrum CBD oils. They work well in calming anxiety, reducing pain, and for a general good vibe. However, their lack of potency has put them in third place on this list.

This potency problem, or lack thereof, is primarily due to the lack of variety of cannabinoids present. As a result, the entourage effect doesn’t come into play with their oils.

  • There is no THC in any of the products, which means that they are non-psychoactive.
  • If you want some flavour, you can choose between natural or peppermint for CBD oils.
  • There is a 3-step quiz on the website to give you a personalized dosage recommendation.
  • You won’t find a variety of dosage potencies and dropper sizes.
  • Not as effective as CBDNorth due to the absence of the entourage effect.

4. BuyMellow – Supreme & Affordable CBD Products

BuyMellow is a relatively smaller site compared to the other three CBD brands. Despite being a smaller Canadian brand, they offer a wide range of products, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate products.

They haven’t stuck to just oils and tinctures but branched out into products such as skin care and bath bombs as well. If you’re someone who likes experimenting with different products, then you’ll find a wide variety to choose from here. Apart from a diverse product portfolio, you’ll also find a wide variety of dosages at very affordable prices. They use organic and organically sourced products and oils that come separately or blended.

  • Wide variety of products, including full-spectrum CBD oils
  • Affordable and competitive pricing for all products
  • Wholesale options available for those that require a lot at once
  • Multiple secure payment options available on the website
  • Fast shipping across Canada
  • Free shipping available on certain orders
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee available
  • Free shipping is available on order only above $120
  • You’ll find bath bombs but no CBD gummies on this website
  • While the full-spectrum CBD oils aren’t something to write home about, the variety of products it comes indefinitely is. This small brand has an incredible lineup of products to choose from
  • Multiple dosages and potency options are easily available so that you can easily customize as per your requirements
  • The shipping is incredibly fast all over Canada. Every product is shipped on express!

5. Island Therapeutics – Most Popular CBD Brand

Island Therapeutics is a CBD brand based out of Vancouver, Canada. The company is well-known for its full-spectrum and THC-free products. They have great quality products and are known for the variety of products they have. They have a range of high-quality products that are slightly on the higher side of the price scale. Despite the price, they have products that are not available in the general CBD market.

You can have these products delivered anywhere in Canada. Island Therapeutics is available in several e-commerce stores apart from the website itself. Their products are heavily backed by research done in third-party laboratories. Apart from research, they are known to give back a significant portion to local charities. The company is also known to be transparent about every change in the company and products. Every product is as seen on the website or other e-commerce websites.

  • Quality full-spectrum CBD oils that are known to be effective and reliable
  • Wide range of products and dosages available
  • Easily available lab results and third-party research for all products
  • Transparent process
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  • Prices of all products are very high
  • Free shipping available only on offers over $200
  • No financial assistance available
  • Island Therapeutics has a wide range of products, dosages, and options with regard to CBD products
  • There is a 30-day guarantee. If you are unhappy with the products, you will receive a full refund on the product!
  • It is available in a wide variety of e-commerce stores

How Did We Pick These CBD Oils?

Picking the right oil is essential to attain the best out of full-spectrum CBD oils. We have a list of factors that we checked off before we shortlisted our recommendations of the very best.

Hemp Source

Using the right hemp source is essential to a good CBD oil, not just for a full-spectrum oil. The brands we’ve chosen have the finest, most organically sourced hemp in the country. We have looked into their sources of hemp extraction, the supply chains, and their sustainability measures in place before calling dibs! Since CBD oil’s superiority depends so heavily on the quality of hemp used, it is the most important element on the selection checklist.


If the CBD oil you’re using is not potent enough, you’re not going to see any effects. When looking for the best full-spectrum CBD oil, another important criterion is to check for potency. The potency depends on the volume of the mixture as well as the concentration. Although you can alter your dosage, depending on the potency of the oil, it is still advised that you opt for oils with high potency so the dosage required is less.


If there are any other ingredients in the CBD oil, they need to be pure and checked against the user’s allergies. A bad CBD oil, full-spectrum or otherwise, will have ingredients that are harmful or can create unnecessary side effects. Full-spectrum CBD oil usually contains ingredients apart from CBD. You’ll find terpenes and essential oils, but these are meant to work in tandem with the CBD to make the effect of the oil even better. When looking for the right full-spectrum CBD oil, we analyzed all the different ingredients in the mixture to make sure they are safe. However, it should be said that you could be allergic to a certain ingredient. This is why it’s best to consult your physician before using CBD oils.

Lab Results

Since CBD oils are still not heavily regulated, the chances of companies adding additional ingredients or adding low-quality ingredients are high. To prevent getting scammed by such companies, we have looked at their published third-party laboratory results. Third-party results provide an accurate analysis of how effective, safe, and reliable a particular full-spectrum CBD oil actually is. Any brand that didn’t list out their third-party results and certifications were automatically excluded.

Company Experience

No matter how good a full-spectrum oil is, there’s no point purchasing it if it is too expensive, not available, or tastes bad. When choosing the right CBD oil, it is important to consider the buying experience. We’ve looked into factors such as the refund policy, taste, price, and shipping policies. A company that cannot cater to a wide variety of requirements is one that cannot cater to the requirements of a customer. Hence, we ensured that the companies we’ve featured offer the best shopping experience.


Apart from third-party lab results, there are other necessary components that a company needs to be transparent regarding. They need to be upfront about their brand history, online reputation, and the information they provide on the website. The right companies will have all the relevant information regarding supply chains and processes on full display for anybody to read. If we couldn’t be sure of a brand’s transparency, they didn’t make it to the list.

Types of CBD Oil?

This could be the case if you’re allergic to certain components in full-spectrum oils or would like to try something else. Even if you’re just curious, here are the other types of CBD available in the market:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil: This type of CBD oil has a number of different ingredients along with CBD. You’ll also find different flavour profiles with this type of oil.
  • Isolate: Anything other than CBD is removed. It is pure CBD in the oil.
  • Broad-spectrum: While you’ll have other nutrients like in a full-spectrum oil, there’s absolutely no THC.

Choosing the right type of CBD oil for you depends on your requirements and preferences. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the kind of CBD oil you choose or the method you choose to use it.

Why Choose Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

Between the three types of CBD oil, a full-spectrum is the ideal choice for anybody that wants the best of every world. Let us explain, full-spectrum CBD oils make use of what is known as the entourage effect. Since full-spectrum oils contain a range of other nutrients and ingredients, they work to boost each other’s effectiveness. The entourage effect entails that all these other nutrients and cannabinoids increase the effectiveness of full-spectrum CBD oil compared to other oil blends. Full-spectrum CBD oils have been proven to be better at managing inflammation, depression symptoms, cancer symptoms, and other issues. The presence of THC is also a reason the effectiveness of full-spectrum oils is higher. THC and CBD are their most effective selves when used together. If you’re worried about any psychoactive effects, don’t be. The THC content in full-spectrum CBD oils is too low to trigger any psychoactive effects. You won’t feel the famed ‘high’ from full-spectrum CBD oils.

CBD Oil Dosage For Beginners:

The exact dosage of a full-spectrum CBD oil depends on you. Apart from body weight, it depends on factors such as:

  • Why you’re taking the oil
  • Body chemistry
  • Method of ingestion or use

If you’re using CBD oils for the first time, then it is best to start off with a low dosage. You can slowly and steadily increase your dosage up to the optimum level as per your requirement. If you’re calculating purely on the basis of body weight, then 1mg of CBD per 10kgs is a good estimate. If you don’t want to calculate, then starting off with 5mg is a good estimate. Each week, you can up the dosage by 2mg until you’ve hit the perfect dose for you. It is important to wait until your body gets used to the effects of CBD. While CBD is non-toxic and isn’t likely to affect you in a manner that hurts you physically, it can throw you off balance. Since you aren’t used to the effects, you may not be as productive as you’d hoped or get the effect you needed.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil?

If you’ve done any research on CBD and its benefits, you must’ve seen a long list of possible benefits. A big reason for its popularity is the never-ending list of possible benefits of CBD. Since we depend heavily on allopathic medication at the moment, having a natural alternative is something people and scientists are both looking at. However, the main areas you’ll find CBD being used are the following:

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CBD Oil For Pain Relief

CBD is well-known and proven to be an effective pain reliever. Whether it is a headache, chronic pain, or menstrual cramps, CBD is there to save the day. CBD comes in cream and lotion form to deal with the muscle and joint pain that comes with more serious disorders. CBD isolates are proven to not be as effective as full-spectrum CBD oils. The additional nutrients, along with the presence of THC, means that the pain reliever effect is amplified and more effective than a simple broad-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Oil For Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

While CBD has not been proven as a cure for any ailment, including chronic pain conditions, it helps greatly in managing symptoms. In recent studies, it has come out as a great way to manage certain symptoms of anxiety and depression, both of which are becoming increasingly common. At the moment, the only medication available to manage the symptoms of these mental health disorders is psychiatric medication. Apart from being a last resort step that is taken, psychiatric medication has some horrible side effects. When on psychiatric medication, a patient could experience effects such as drowsiness, insomnia, agitation, sexual dysfunction, and headaches. At its worst, psychiatric medication is addictive. Since the medication currently being used to manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression aren’t ideal, CBD oil is being considered a good natural alternative. Not only can it help with both disorders at once, but it also does not have the same devastating side effects as psychiatric medication.

How to Use CBD?

If you’re prepped and ready to try your hand at using CBD oils, and specifically full-spectrum CBD oils, then you’ll have to choose which form to take it in. You’ll be happy to note that there are several modes of using CBD. Whatever mode you choose, it will not diminish the effects of the full-spectrum CBD oil you’re using.


When looking for CBD products, one of the most common forms is an oil or tincture. If you can’t take a pill or capsule, then this is the perfect method for you. Since it comes with a dropper, you’ll just have to determine the perfect number of drops. The oil is not just easy to administer but concentrated. You can just take this form of CBD and drop it beneath your tongue. With full-spectrum oils, you’ll find different flavour profiles, so they aren’t likely to be very bitter.

Creams and Lotions

CBD-infused creams and lotions are readily available and useful for a range of people. Specifically, it is great for people with joint and muscle pain. Rubbing the cream or lotion in the area you require it will help ease the pain in that specific spot. Apart from muscle and joint pain, you’ll find that it works well for some skin conditions. Conditions like eczema have been seen to respond well to CBD creams and lotions. However, it is best if you get it cleared with your doctor before attempting to treat your condition with CBD.


There is the option of taking CBD through a capsule or a pill. Pill forms of CBD are generally used for more serious disorders and neurological reasons. CBD pills and capsules might treat seizure disorders and digestive problems. While this is a way to consume CBD, you’ll find that the effects can take longer to set in if compared to methods such as vaping or tinctures.


Edibles, in the form of CBD gummies, are by far the most popular method of consuming CBD. Not only do they come in exact doses that you can just pop into your mouth every day, but they come in adorable shapes and flavours. You’ll also find that the gummy version of CBD is also more affordable than any of the other methods on this list. They’re a lot more discrete and portable. So, you won’t have to hide them or worry about breaking the bottles.


Inhaling CBD vapour is by far the quickest way of feeling the effects. The vapour goes directly to your bloodstream through your lungs. So, you’ll feel the effects a lot faster than, say, through a cream or oil. You won’t find any conclusive results that say that CBD vapour can damage your lung tissue, but there isn’t anything proving that it doesn’t do some damage. It is recommended that you’re careful when vaping CBD. Choosing the right method of using CBD depends entirely on your preference. There is nothing stopping you from vaping or eating a CBD gummy. They all have the same effect and are not different in potency.

What Are The CBD Oil’s Side Effects?

CBD is extremely popular for a few reasons, the main one being the utter lack of side effects. Since it is an all-natural product, there are no major side effects you’ll see at any point in time with other medications or alternatives. When you start to use CBD, you might feel very mild side effects. Side effects such as mild fatigue, dry mouth, and drowsiness are normal and do not last as long as you are using CBD oils. Once you get used to the dosage and the regular use of CBD oils, the effects will fade away on their own. The lack of side effects extends to ‘overdosing’ as well. As it stands, it is practically impossible to overdose on CBD oil. Even if you take 700mg of any form of CBD in one sitting, you will not be in harm’s way. After you cross the 1500mg mark, the following are the possible side effects that could surface:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Dry Mouth

These effects should last no longer than eight hours if you are experiencing any side effects; drinking fluids and eating, if you are able to, will help you get through it. Otherwise, you can simply sleep off the side effects. Apart from being non-toxic, the substance is non-addictive as well. Even if you take CBD every day for a year and decide to quit cold turkey, you won’t find yourself facing any withdrawal symptoms. There is no addictive element to CBD or even full-spectrum CBD oils that contain a little THC. The utter lack of side effects and addictive properties makes it the ideal solution for several ailments that it can help with.

Endnotes: Which Canadian CBD Oil Should You Use?

The added advantages of different flavour profiles are certainly something to look into! However, finding the right CBD oil for you takes more than picking the first choice on Google results. Hopefully, this list of the very best will help you pick the best CBD oil in Canada for you. However, We would recommend one of the best, that is, CBDNorth. Once you have the oil, we wish you the happiest of experiences with it!