CBD Oil Gift Basket

This holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a CBD gift basket. From moisturizing and relaxing topicals to energizing teas, the Brothers Apothecary can help you build the perfect CBD gift basket. The CBD Gift Set is perfect for friends or family. Forget a skin care gift basket! This CBD Care Package Gift Box includes our best CBD skin care products in an attractive Naturally Mignon box. Curious about how to put together an awesome CBD gift basket? If yes, we can help you out. To find out more, click here!

CBD Gift Baskets for the Holidays

Know a friend who you think would love incorporating CBD into their life, but is overwhelmed by the number of options out there? With so many different ways to experience the beneficial effects of CBD, it can be hard to choose just one… or even three.

But maybe you don’t have to!

With a CBD Gift Basket, your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in all its various forms of glory. And if you’re not sure what to include, the Brothers Apothecary is here to help you build the perfect basket. But first, let’s talk about the basics of CBD.

What Exactly Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, more widely known as CBD, is one of the more than 100 cannabinoids that make up the Cannabis sativa plant. While closely related to THC, CBD does not cause the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

Is CBD Safe?

CBD is considered safe , even at high doses. If you or your loved one is new to CBD, however, the receiver of your gift basket will want to start with a low dose of five to ten mg per day and work their way up another five to ten mg at a time.

This will allow them to find the dose that best fits their needs.


You want to ensure your CBD products are third-party tested and certified. This can provide you with the confidence that only high-quality ingredients are included, the dosage listed on the label accurately reflects what is inside the product, and that there is no more than the legal limit of THC–which is less than 0.3 percent– in any full-spectrum CBD or hemp product.

Here at The Brothers Apothecary, all of our ingredients are organic, locally sourced, and are certified through third-party lab testing.

Does CBD Really Work? What Can I Use It for?

CBD can support a wide range of body functions and boost your mental and physical well-being. Learn more about the different benefits CBD can provide below!

Stress and Tension

CBD has a unique ability to work with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a messaging system in our bodies that uses naturally produced endocannabinoids and CB receptors to help regulate discomfort, mood, stress, and other essential functions.

When CBD is introduced to this system, it can partner with endocannabinoids to help strengthen and prolong their effects throughout the body, including reducing stress and tension.

When the body is experiencing high levels of stress hormones, the endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA) is produced.

AEA can then bind to Cb1 receptors in the central nervous system to send chemical messages to and from the brain that help lower stress levels and promote calmness throughout the body.

CBD can also help prolong the effects of endocannabinoids produced within th e body, reducing further signs of tension.

Muscle Support

When CBD is absorbed into the body, it can partner with endocannabinoids at CB receptors within the muscles. CBD is actually thought to prolong the effects of endocannabinoids by blocking enzymes from breaking them down.

So, when your endocannabinoids are hard at work calling on the immune system to bring support to swollen and sore muscles, CBD can help increase the lifespan of temporary relief.

Relief from Discomfort

Similarly, CBD can partner with the ECS to reduce general or localized body discomfort. CBD can also help support the immune system by reducing swelling, which is often the cause of discomfort in the joints, neck, or back.

What Types of CBD Should I Include in a Gift Basket?

If your friend has been complaining of body tension, be sure to include a calming lotion, scrub, or salve in their gift basket.

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CBD Lotion or Salve

These CBD-infused topicals can be massaged directly onto sore muscles. CBD will be absorbed through the skin and move to the CB receptors within the tense muscles nearby, providing fast temporary relief in minutes.

When paired with other antioxidant-rich oils and vitamins, these topicals feel great on the skin and moisturize and nourish the skin while working its way deeper into those muscles. It’s a win-win for your recipient!

Our Soothing Green Tea Body Butte r or Energizing Earl Grey Scrub can help provide your friend with the support they’ve been craving.

CBD Tea or Matcha

If your friend drinks herbal tea, you can’t go wrong with our selection of CBD teas.

Unlike oils and topicals that use CBD extract, our teas at The Brothers Apothecary consist of only full flower, whole-plant CBD. This means our tea contains the phytonutrients, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

This allows for the entourage effect , which takes place when the different components of the plant work together to enhance the full body wellness benefits of CBD.

If your friend is always on the go with places to be, a caffeinated tea can help center them and promote alertness and focus, like our Mighty Matcha or Chai Awakening .

If they are more in need of something to cozy up with at the end of a long day that will help them wind down and relax, try our Golden Dream instead.

CBD Honey

Whether your friend is a full-on foodie or your average snacker, Organic CBD Honey is a delightful treat they are sure to enjoy. It is the perfect natural sweetener to balance out a tea, drizzle over a fruit bowl or pancakes, or snack on by the spoonful.

CBD Honey brings everything that regular honey offers while also providing an added boost to your ECS.

With our Wildflower CBD Honey, you can keep it simple and classy or add a little extra kick to your gift basket with the Sweet Heat Aji Limo Chili CBD Honey .

And for an option with even more health benefits, check out our antioxidant-rich Orange Turmeric CBD Honey . The bright notes of orange and turmeric can help provide immunity support while also giving the honey a luxurious flavor.

If your gift receiver simply loves honey, our Lemon Ginger and Orange Turmeric Honey Drops are perfect for those who prefer a little more convenience with an easy to enjoy CBD gummy.

CBD Balm

CBD balms are wax-based topicals applied directly to the lips or skin, providing feel-good hydration. Your friend won’t be able to get enough of our nourishing Buzz Balm , which can be used daily under the eyes or as a moisturizer for cracked lips.

CBD Oil Roller

If your friend is into burning incense, they are sure to love our CBD Oil Rollers.

These topical CBDs are made essential, releasing aromas when rolled along the skin that may help enhance the senses.

Consider the Restful Roller , made with chamomile and lavender oils for a crisp and floral scent, to help your friend with relaxation and sleep.

Or, if your friend is spiritual, they’ll fall in love with the Insight Roller . Made with ylang-ylang oils, clary sage, white fir, and jasmine, this roller is crafted to reset energy, improve mental clarity, and help provide insight when facing a mental roadblock or challenge.

CBD Protein Powder

If your friend is an avid gym-goer or even just beginning to dabble in weight training, including a CBD Protein Powder could do wonders for their post-workout routine.

CBD contains anti-swelling properties , which can help reduce the discomfort of sore muscles post-workout and also help speed up the muscle recovery process. As a macronutrient, protein supports healthy muscle growth and helps refuel the body with a much-needed energy boost.

And if your friend is a chocolate-lover, you can make their exercise routine even sweeter with our Magickal Mushroom and Dutch Cocoa Protein Powder . This delicious plant-based protein powder is filling and easily digestible, with a slightly earthy and sweet flavor.

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With The Brothers Apothecary gift basket, your friend can experience the full range of beneficial CBD has to offer for months to come!

CBD Gift Set

The CBD Care Package Gift Box is perfect for friends or family.

Forget a regular skin care gift basket! This CBD gift set includes our best CBD skin care products in an attractive Naturally Mignon box.

Full Spectrum Hemp Salve

Our Pure Colorado Full Spectrum CBD Salve contains 250mg of full spectrum hemp extract.

CBD hemp salve contains terpene rich CBD oil infused into a soothing, moisturizing muscle balm.

CBD Face Wash

Our CBD Face Wash is a clear gel facial cleanser fortified with natural extracts and ingredients designed to brighten and nourish facial skin.

Each bottle contains 500mg of pure CBD and no THC. CBD is highly absorbable and works well with glycolic acid.

Brightening Cream

Our Naturally Mignon CBD Face Brightening Moisturizer will keep your skin fresh, dewy and ageless.

It brightens your complexion by exfoliating your skin using natural chemistry which transforms your outer dead skin cell layer to provide a radiant luster.

This face cream is working day and night even after you have washed your face.

CBD Goat Soap

We pack over 10% of farm fresh, liquid vitamin D goat milk into every bar of Lavender Goat Milk CBD Soap. It’s also infused with premium lavender essential oil.

Goat milk hydrates and makes skin glow. Plus, it’s loaded with lactic acids and vitamins A, D, E, and K.

500mg CBD Body Butter

Our Pure Colorado Lavender CBD Body Butter contains 500mg of 99+% pure CBD and no THC.

Use our CBD body butter as a skin moisturizer for severely dry skin and eczema relief.

It’s an all natural hemp infused CBD rub and is made with safflower oil, palm oil, beeswax, and pure 99+% pure CBD isolate.

Lavender Lotion

Our Pure Colorado Lavender CBD Body Lotion contains real goat milk and pure CBD isolate made from organic hemp.

The CBD body lotion is great for every day skin conditioning. It goes on easily and absorbs quickly.

CBD Gift Set

  • CBD Face Wash – THC Free
  • CBD Face Brightening Moisturizer – THC Free
  • Pure Colorado CBD Body Butter – THC Free
  • Pure Colorado Lavender CBD Body Lotion – THC Free

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disclosure

Naturally Mignonis a CBD skin care company. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

CBD Gifts Galore: Put Together An Awesome CBD Gift Basket

Can you remember the first time you used CBD? Were you feeling stressed? Need something to soothe your aching muscles? Looking for help sleeping? Well, if you’ve experienced the power of CBD, then it’s no surprise you’d like to pay that forward to a friend or family member with a CBD Gift Basket.

Below, we’ve mixed up the best ingredients for a killer CBD gift basket. We’re talking tinctures, capsules, salve, soaps and more. There’s also a nice way to personalize your gift basket, as if hand-selecting a basket full of goodies isn’t enough. So, prepare your checklist and get ready to pour out some smiles.

Or, let us save you some time. Here are a couple gift baskets that we highly recommend.

Include All the Right Ingredients in your CBD Gift Basket

To present a well-rounded, fully-useful CBD oil gift basket to your loved one, start by considering the wide range of CBD options available today. If we were making the basket, here’s what we’d include:

CBD Chapstick

It’s a small but mighty companion. CBD Chapstick is the perfect companion for California dreamers enduring the hot and sunny days and Alaskan Eskimos surviving the cold and balmy nights.

So whether your gift is for an outdoor sports enthusiast or a couch potato, you’ll want to be sure to include a well-packaged CBD lip balm in your gift basket.

CBD Tincture

If your friend or loved one is all about vintage vibes, you might include a tincture bottle in your basket. They can dollop a drop of hemp extract under their tongue and see what happens next!

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Most tinctures come in a variety of flavors, including zesty orange and refreshing blueberry, so there won’t be any chance for a sour, puckered face every time it’s time for a drop.

CBD Capsules

If you’re preparing a gift basket for someone who has trouble falling asleep at night (or waking up in the morning), then you’ll want to include items that can help support the body’s natural process to regulate sleep. Along with a tin of chamomile tea, you might want to include a bottle of CBD capsules.

Here at The Clear, for example, our AM capsules contain CBD and caffeine. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, our PM capsules contain CBD and melatonin. Combined with a tincture, you’re handing your friend an all-day pack which is a wonderful companion, indeed.

CBD Salve

Is it a sports injury that keeps your friend up at night? Or a sore back from their daily dog-walking business? If so, helping your friend-in-need with pain relief may but just what they need. Along with that gift certificate to the local spa, you might consider including some salve.

A great CBD salve will be perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle. A good salve will be easy to apply and not smell like your grandmother’s garden patch. So, once you find a refreshing, compact little container, your friend will be on your way!

CBD Soap

Scrub a dub dub. CBD soap can quickly become your pal’s go-to source for invigoration. If skin is a continual topic of conversation for your loved one, then you’ll know to look for nice soaps and lotions.

Like tinctures, lotions, and many other CBD products, you won’t be hard-pressed to find interesting and inventive scents when searching for the right bar. We, personally, love to use soap that contains peppermint oil in the morning and lavender oil in the evening.

CBD Candles

In keeping with the theme of a happier, smoother life, consider including something that’ll radiate a relaxing aroma in your gift basket. Whether it’s in keeping with this bath time, relaxation theme or just a general gesture, the right candle can have all the right moves.

Your friend can light a candle to set the mood, make dinner time a more relaxing time, or create the right bedtime ambiance. No matter their preference, it’s likely that the aroma from their CBD candle will have all the right effects.

Add Little Notes for Each Item in your CBD Gift Basket

A handmade gift basket is already pretty personal. It’s immediately evident that you took time to curate the right selection of items. But, one way to take your CBD gifts up a notch is to include a little note with each item.

For example, with the CBD soap, you can write, “Your evening bubble baths are already quite stress-relieving. So, I wanted to give you something to help you relax and recharge. Enjoy!”

Also, if your friend or family member hasn’t hopped on board the CBD train yet, it might be helpful to jot down why you think each product will be helpful for them. Most people don’t need a ton of convincing when they receive a beautiful and thoughtful gift basket, but it certainly can’t hurt.

A CBD Gift Basket for the Ages

And there you have it! You now have on your hands the CBD gift basket to end all gift baskets. There’s no better way to tell your friend or partner you love them than with hand-picked delights that come straight from the heart.

Here at The Clear™, all our products are lab-tested and pesticide free. They’re also sold at hundreds of locations around the nation and come in a variety of flavors (which is especially fun when purchasing new tinctures).

So, come on over and join the fun today! We can’t wait to pair you with just the right products for yourself and your loved ones.

Surprise someone special in your life with an awesome curated- or handmade CBD Gift Basket. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.