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CBD Oil Denver Co SAVE: 15% OFF of Your First Order with Coupon Code DENVER15 Featured Products CBN & D8 Mile High Sleep Gummies 20MG Mile High Strawnana D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG) You can buy CBD chocolates at the gas station or liquor store these days, but if you're interested in really seeing a benefit for your bucks, go to a more knowledgeable source. The folks at Pachamama's CBD boutique not only know all about what they're selling, but they work for…

CBD Oil Denver Co

SAVE: 15% OFF of Your First Order with Coupon Code DENVER15

Featured Products

CBN & D8 Mile High Sleep Gummies
20MG Mile High Strawnana D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG)
20MG Mile High Mango D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG)
20MG Mile High Blue Watermelon D8 Gummies – 10 Pack (200MG)

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Denver Full Spectrum Tincture – Cinnamon
Denver CBD Gummies 500 MG
Denver Full Spectrum Tincture – Peppermint
Denver Full Spectrum Tincture – Original

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Denver CBG 1200mg Zero THC
Swing Oil
Denver 1:1 Balance Delta 8/CBD 0.3mL Vape Cartridge
Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen – .3ml Hemp Derived

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CBD Oil Denver Co

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Best CBD/Hemp Store


You can buy CBD chocolates at the gas station or liquor store these days, but if you’re interested in really seeing a benefit for your bucks, go to a more knowledgeable source. The folks at Pachamama’s CBD boutique not only know all about what they’re selling, but they work for the company that made it. The store’s CBD lotion, gel capsules, balm and edibles are made internally with solventless hemp extract; its tinctures include ingredients like goji berry, cacao, valerian root, black pepper and turmeric for more specific effects. The “focus” oil, a blend of full-spectrum CBD oil, cacao and goji berry extract, mixes well with coffee, while the “natural” version, free of additives, is a reliable starting point for new CBD users.

  • 1288 S. Broadway, Denver, 80210 Map
  • 720-741-0161
  • pachamamacbd.com
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Best CBD/Hemp Product

Adventure CBD Gift Box

Unless you’re watching Se7en, everyone loves a good mystery box. Adventure CBD’s eight different CBD sampler boxes — for newbies, regular users and animal owners, among others — all provide enough products to start or maintain a CBD regimen, with options for skin care, oral and topical use, daily wellness, and horse, dog and cat owners. This way, you can decide if gummies or tinctures are the best route and enjoy a CBD-infused bath in between. Each product is made by the Colorado Springs CBD maker, which operates a physical location in the Springs but ships products nationwide. And let’s face it: CBD products aren’t cheap, so buying in bulk always helps.

  • 3404 W. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, 80904 Map
  • 844-374-2223
  • adventurecbd.com
Best Cannabis Vape Cartridge


The hash-cartridge game is still viewed as somewhat lesser than real dabbing, but solventless manufacturers have been raising the bar, and Lazercat is in the lead. Specializing in rosin — the process of extracting cannabinoids with heat and pressure instead of solvents — Lazercat squeezes water hash, not flower, and doesn’t include vaping additives in its cartridges. “They’ll never be the same as a dab, but the convenience can’t be beat,” reads a humble description on Lazercat’s website. We appreciate the honest sell, but that pen brings more heat than a major-league fastball, so be careful.

Best Solventless Extract

Single Source Colorado

Picking the best solventless cannabis concentrate in Colorado is like picking the best IPA, with dozens of talented and worthy extractors honing their talents right in front of our eyes as methods evolve. Not only are Single Source Colorado’s creamy and brown-sugar slabs at the forefront of the rosin movement, but the company’s founders are about as Colorado as it gets. You can find Evergreen native Tony Karas fishing when he’s not tending the factory, and Kennn Wall has become a local hash hero since leaving his job as a chef at Steuben’s, cooking up award-winning sauces and syrups in the lab. Whatever consistency you’re looking for, Single Source can whip it up, and it’ll always be from one strain, and one strain only.

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Best Cannabinoid Products (non-THC or -CBD)

Extract Labs

THC and CBD aren’t the only cannabis compounds worth checking out. CBN (cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene) and CBG (cannabigerol) are all on the rise as the hemp industry expands, and they’ve shown their own potential for therapeutic benefits as well. Extract Labs, a Boulder-based hemp extractor, makes a handful of CBC, CBN and CBG products similar to their CBD counterparts, including gel capsules, tinctures and powdered isolate, all of which can be purchased online. Our favorites, though, are the CBN, CBG and CBC chocolate bars. Each packs a full spectrum of cannabinoids while placing an emphasis on those with which we’re more unfamiliar. At $13 apiece, they’re a fun, cheap (and tasty) experiment.

Best CBD Pet Product

Suzie’s Goes Nuts

Dogs will eat their own shit, but try to give them a pill and they turn into the pickiest eaters alive. Mix those wretched capsules into peanut butter, though, and you might have a chance. Suzie’s CBD Treats, a maker of hemp-infused treats in Wheat Ridge, not only does cover-up work for other medications, but the brand’s CBD peanut butter can also offer some treatment of its own. Infused with 125 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, the peanut butter is tasty enough for humans, so feel free to lick the spoon before Muttley does.

Best Celebrity Weed Brand


The Bay Area-based cannabis brand’s public face, Berner, has become one of the pot industry’s first celebrity figures, turning the Girl Scout Cookies strain into dispensaries and licensing deals across the country and into Europe. Cookies finally came to the Colorado market last May, inking a licensing deal with the growers at Veritas to cultivate Cookies genetics for statewide distribution, and sold out at stores in hours. Cookies then opened its own retail location on South Broadway in November, drawing lines out the door on an average Tuesday as wannabes waited for the newest cut of Cereal Milk or Cheetah Piss. Can the hype be too much at times? Yes. Do all celebrity weed brands come at a cost? Certainly. But at least with Cookies, you know there are terpene monsters lurking inside each bag, and they never fail to unleash a sweet, milky combination of flavors most users haven’t tried before.

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